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Digicom and Onit, together to meet the challenge of IoT for the Industry 4.0

Digicom e Onit strengthen the business alliance proposing “all inclusive M2M” solutions to their customers that are the result of the integration between Digicom remote control devices with Onit services for data analisys and management. 

Digicom S.p.a., Italian company based in Cardano al Campo (VA), which has been operating for forty years in the telecommunications market, offers a variety of products and solutions for the M2M market. In particular the commercial proposal aims to provide high performance and competitive solutions for the industrial market.

Onit Group S.r.l., Italian company based in Cesena, has been developing for more than 15 years software for the management of industrial processes dedicated to improve the efficiency of production flows, industrial automation, supervision and IoT with the aim of collecting and process all the esential data to improve the business of its customers through innovative services with high added value.
Thanks to the integration of Digicom industrial devices with Onit softwares and applications, we are able to offer complete and ready to use solutions as well as custom ones. As part of the 4.0 Industry 4.0 projects this translates into an effective process control in order to optimize consumption and reduce waste.

About this collaboration, Stefano Galzignato, Digicom Business Line Manager M2M states that: “to meet the new global challenges and to offer complete solutions, the synergy between complementary companies is the most effective way. This combined activity gave us very good results in the past months”.

As a confirmation of satisfaction with the results achieved in the last months of collaboration, Massimo Manfredi, Industrial Sales Area Manager of Onit, believes that: “the strong synergy between the two companies, each focused to offer the best service in its competence, has allowed our customers to have solutions tailored to fit their needs and to significantly improve the quality of the offered service”.

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