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Vega concentrator more info

SGC6a more info more info


  • Comma 6, Comma 6a IP serial concentrator
  • 4 RS232C serial ports
  • GPRS 900/1800MHz
  • Antitamper circuit
  • Integrated accelerometer
  • SOS and Help membrane buttons

SGC 6a - Gaming card

  • Comma 6a slot remote control
  • Counters management of New Slot Machine Comma6a
  • Management of security and AAMS counters
  • Smart Card and AAMS protocol management
  • CCTALK management
  • Can be easily integrated with PC
  • More than 40 AAMS homologations
MRC more info Pocket Wireless more info


  • Communication devices for Cash Registers and Vending Machines
  • Apllications of telephone recharge and mobile payment

Pocket Wireless

  • Fiscal control of Comma 6a slot machines
  • Monitoring and signalling wireless system
  • Remote Control of Vending Machines and Hoppers
  • Can be easily interfaced to electromechanic pulses counters
  • Control of up to 20 devices
  • Programming and management via SMS
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