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Safety First!T-Log
Even for the sector of products dedicated to the Utilities, Digicom developed a platform of innovative products to be winner also in this emerging market.
Versatile and performing M2M and Wireless solutions especially dedicated to the remote reading of GAS, LPG and Water meters.
Digicom's products are among the first with embedded GSM to be certified ATEX Zone 0 in Europe thanks to the maximum security and the easy installation.
Digicom's technological platforms cover all the demands of telemetry and remote control of the modern multi-utilities.


  • LPG and GAS Telemetry
    The applications in GAS and LPG environments have been performed with the most modern projecting and manufacturing techniques in order to guarantee high quality standards.
    A series of dedicated products, from the GSM/GPRS tranmitter with LPD radio to the multipoint satellites up to the gateway for a complete solution in multi-utility environment.
  • M-Bus Wireless
    Digicom always operates following the idea of market standard products. It could not miss a solution interoperable with other products and manufacturer through M-Bus wireless connections. Digicom can supply GSM/GPRS gateways for water meter and heat allocator using this standard.
  • Wireless Transmitter
    The radio transmitters are among the most advanced and performing on the market. Equipped with bidirectional radio, they allow the maximum control in all the situations and applications. Projected to satisfy the maximum requirements of efficiency and long-life, they have been carefully carried out. Even in this case the products are ATEX 0 certified for the maximum security.
  • 169MHz & 868MHz Wireless Technology
    Digicom's wireless solutions integrates products and technologies that satisfy all the needs and application of Remote Reading. LPD Radio Systems at 169MHz and 868MHz make our products compliant with the market standards.
  • Front End Processor
    As for the remote reading solutions Digicom carried out also a Front End Processor able to control all the management and reading aspects.
    An easy and simple system to evaluate and fully test digicol technlogical platforms.
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