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Security Solutions

Safety First!IP Camera 300W
Digicom's Solutions for Security environments cover many sectors, from the Communication to the Personal Safety and to the remote Videosurveillance.
These devices are projected using the Broadband, the ADSL and the 3G technologies. In fact Digicom 3G Routers are more and more used as main systems and backup systems for the remote surveillance, where the ADSL line is not available or present.
Digicom offers also solutions of IP Videosurveillance with a complete set of performing and user friendly devices that include IP Cameras (Day & Night in HD), network video record and accessories.
Innovative gateways that integrate IP video and sensors (wireless or wired) in a sole device that communicate with the service centers!
Digicom supplies also products for the personal safety that integrate GPS/GSM technology with accelerometer.


  • IP Videosurveillance System
    A complete range of IP solutions for the Videosurveillance. FromNight & Day HD Cameras to digital storage systems (with 2 Backup HD) up to the most complete accessories. IPCamers are ready for Smartphone applications as they use high efficiency video compression algorithms.
  • Smart Concentrator
    Digicom developed an innovative platform able to concentrate IP video, sensors and control center to supply our customers with the most innovative solutions. From the control center you can always monitor all the system in any detail up to the specific sensor.
  • Smart Sensor
    Digicom also developed an intelligent wireless sensor able to send univocal information via wireless. The smart sensor can be used as universal transmitter with the most popular sensors. It is also available in a version with movement sensor (TILI) to detect/notify eventual changes of position/movement.
  • Personal Tracking
    A personal tracker projected and built using the most advanved GSM/GPRS and GPS technologies.
  • OEM Soluutions
    Digicom solutions can be customized according to the specific needs of the different applications and customers.
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