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POS Embedded Solutions!
Also for the market of Electronic Payments, Digicom developed a series of solutions that perfectly integrate with the POS (Point of Sales) systems.Pin-Pad
The range goes from the carrying out of GSM intelligent modems able to transfer the sale and store data from the cash registers to the data collection centers, up to the designing of a PIN-PAD based on the most innovative technologies.
Terminals and certified PIN-PAD able to bring the multibank and multishop payment systems on the systems of POS manufacturers.
Thanks to the use of wireless technologies, like the RFID joined to the GSM one, it is possible to project and integrate highly innovative solutions.


  • GSM Intelligent Modem
    An advanced modem platform able to communicate with the register and to transfer the data and the information over IP using the GPRS network, with no need to install the IP Stack on the register.
  • RFID and 868MHz: the New Frontier
    Our POS solutions integrate the latest and most interesting wireless technologies, among which the TAG detection with RFID and the use of 868MHz technology for the interfacing of local devices.
  • PIN-PAD Solutions
    The new platforms for the PIN-PAD allow to customize, on customer's request, the several technologies and applications: from bank payment with debit and credit card to the RFID technologies and to the 868MHz wireless technologies.
  • OEM Terminal Solutions
    Digicom's solutions can be used to carry out custom projects according to the specific requests of the various applications and customers.
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