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Networking vai all'area networking

All the connections over IP!
The solutions suitable to the various needs of local(Wired and Wireless) and remote connectivity for Business Customers.
User-friendly installation and high reliability joined to the applicative versatility allow to reach the economic targets and NASthe required performances.
By continuously mainitaining the range of networking and connectivity products, as well as pursuing technological research and excellence, our customers will always get the best advantage in terms of reliability and functionalities.
All solutions are specifically designed for allowing smooth and seamless communication with your LAN, Home and Internet, no matter which way you chose, wired, wireless or Mobile, we always bring you online!


  • Connectivity for Ethernet Local Networks
    Digicom's range of products for the Networking is made up of GIGABIT Ethernet switches and of simple solutions for Home and Office. Also a complete range of products with Power over Ethernet is available together with printer server and LAN cards for a complete solution.
  • Wireless Solutions
    Digicom's Wireless solutions cover both the Office and the Domestic request,supplying a complete range from the 300Mbps standard with N technology to the 150Mbps and 54Mbps. Access Point, USB Key and repeater complete the digicom's offer.
  • Powerline Technology
    In 2002, Digicom has been among the first European company in projecting products embedding the Powerline technology at 14Mbps HomePlug TM V1.0. From then on many steps have been made up to the 200Mbps in solutions with built-in access point and powerline technology.
  • VPN Access Security
    The Networking range would't be complete without a family of firewall for the protection of your LAN. Flexible and performing they operate according to the latest technologies with regard to the access protection. The range is composed by products ideal for the SoHo and domestic market up to the medium company with protection systems based on the VPN and on the SSL technology.
  • xDSL Router
    The natural evolution of the modem. A series of ADSL and VDSL routers to browse the Internet at the maximum speed and with top performances of the line. Different versions and functionalities for any market request. There are availablealso products with security functions, 300Mbps wireless and backup functions over 3G network via Internet key.
  • Network Storage
    A selected offer of products for the backup and the storage of data on the LAN, like MySQL, SAMBA and iTunes server
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