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Data Communication

Technological know-how at your service!
The development of products and solutions for the Data Communication market allowed Digicom to build a rich technical knowledge that has been decisive in winning theBotticelli Web V92 most complex challenges when projecting products dedicated to the Telecom Operators up to the Consumer market.
The most advanced competences comes out in the typical integrations of latest generation Integrated Access Device, where mixed and innovative technologies like xDSL, VoIP and ISDN cohexist at the same time.
Digicom has got all these capabilities that are exploited in many products used by the main tekephone carriers and by the consumer users.


  • xDSL Solutions
    Digicom's solutions also range over wired broadband technologies.
    Products and platforms designed for applications of telco customers or for the free market are used also by consumer users.
    Digicom's routers are used by hundreds of customers, from the Professional ones to the SoHo, up to the Consumer ones and with different Telecom Operators. Digicom's technolgies are successfully applied where the applications are more complex and sophisticated, like in triple-play environments (Video, Voice & Data) and with different type of line (from the VDSL2 one to the standard ADSL line).
  • VoIP & IAD Customization
    It's just when working with IAD platforms (Integrated Access Devices) that Digicom's tailored competences find the wider application with the integration of VoIP, ISDN (BRI) and analog ports. Know-how and competences that you can unlikely find in a sole company! Years of experience at the service of our customers with very first level international references.
  • Analog & Digital Modem
    The products that made the history of Digicom, still used in niche markets. Analog and ISDN modems that keep active and operating applications not running with the new IP technologies.
  • OEM Solutions
    Digicom's solutions can be used to carry out "custom projects" according to the specific requests of the various applications and customers.
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