Industrial Modem for GPRS/GSM/SMS applications

POCKET GPRS MICRO INDUSTRIAL is a GSM/GPRS serial modem suitable for Data and SMS applications.
In its standard version POCKET GPRS MICRO INDUSTRIAL is equipped with a powerful microprocessor for an easier installation in industrial applications, especially when used with PLC, power meters, presence detectors or any industrial devices.
It can be used in any application where it is necessary to have a DATA connection (IP or CSD) to access and remote control the installation or to connect and transfer the data between the center and the remote site.
If you haven’t many information to send, we suggest to use SMS management to send data with Pocket GPRS MICRO INDUSTRIAL at a low cost.
The integrated Micro processor will not influence the standard operation with GSM devices; you can really go on using the software applications you normally use without worrying about any incompatibility with AT commands as eventual AT commands not foreseen in the software can be managed directly by the microprocessor as additional strings.
No more “device cannot be reached” message with the GSM network automatic search and the registration
periodic update to the GSM network set by the user.
The power cabling uses a minifit connector, the same used in automotive application, able to guarantee the maximum reliability.
The power range is wider, from 9 to 32Vdc with a considerable low consumption so that POCKET GPRS
MICRO INDUSTRIAL can be used in various applications without modifications or adapter.
Also a power supply through solar panel can be taken into considerations.
The data interface is a 9 pin RS232 serial interface. The “secondary” data interface is an RS485 in screw terminal block .

Technical Specifications

- Industrial modem for GPRS/GSM/SMS applications
- Quad-Band Engine 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- GPRS Class 10
- GSM speed up to 9600 bps
- Built-in Full TCP/IP Stack
- Powerful ARM Microprocessor: STM32 (ARM 32-bit Cortex™-M3 CPU, 256 – 512 Kbytes Flash, 64Kbyte RAM
- Extended Power range from 9 to 32 VDC
- Low power consumption
- Extended Temperature range: -20˚ + 60˚;
- RS232 serial interface on DB9 Female
- RS485/422 serial interface on screw terminal block
- DIN-rail Mounting Housing
- SMA connector for Antenna
- Status LED
- Dimensions: 115 x 99 x 22,5 mm

Supplied with

- 1 GSM Antenna with 3 meter cable
- 1 bracket for antenna wall mounting
- 1 4 pin terminal for power supply
- 1 5pin terminal for RS485
- Quick guide