Remote control your installations! the solution to remote manage any serial device.

Pocket GPRS Micro is a GSM/GPRS serial modem suitable for Data and SMS applications.
Pocket GPRS Micro is the evolution of Digicom GSM/GPRS terminals that in the last years gained the trust of several installers of wireless applications.
In its standard version Pocket GPRS Micro is equipped with a microprocessor for an easier installation in industrial applications, especially when used with PLC, meters, presence detectors or similar.
It can be used in any application where the traditional phone line is not available but where it is necessary to have a DATA connection to access and remote control the installation or to connect and transfer the data between the center and the periphery.
If you haven’t many information to send, we suggest to use SMS management to send data with Pocket GPRS Micro at a low cost.
The Micro application integrated into Pocket GPRS Micro will not influence the standard operation with GSM devices; it will improve the installation allowing the remote configuration via SMS and the control of the GSM network quality via SMS.
You can really go on using the software applications you normally use without worrying about any incompatibility with AT commands as eventual AT commands not forseen in the software can be managed directly by the microprocessor as additional strings. The AT commands not recognized by the GSM module will be correctly executed by the micro without any ERROR message.
No more “device cannot be reached” message with the GSM network automatic search and the registration periodic update to the GSM network set by the user.
Pocket GPRS Micro is the ideal solution even with devices working with Oprating Systems: from Windows® to Macintosh up to the several Linux distributions.
The design is compact and strong; it is made of aluminum with winglets for the wall mounting; these features makes the product suitable also in the most extreme
solutions of industrial environments.
Pocket GPRS Micro can be also fixed on a DIN rail by purchasing the "DIN rail Pocket Kit" accessory (Code 8D5720).
The power cabling uses the same connectors as automotive solutions to guarantee the maximum reliability even in critical applications (crash, vibrations, etc.) The power range is wider, from 5 to 32Vdc with a considerable low consumption so that Pocket GPRS Micro can be used in various applications without modifications or adapter. Also a power supply through solar panel can be taken into considerations.
The data interface is a 9 pin RS232 (V.24/V.28) serial interface able to control the interface speed from 1200 to 115.200 bps, as for a standard modem.
Pocket GPRS Micro can be configured through a complete set of AT commands standard GSM ETSI 07.07 and 07.05 and through proprietary AT commands for the
microprocessor additional functions.
The SIM slot (Plug-In 3V and 1.8V) and the SIM Holder have been developed for an easy installation and maintenance.
Besides V.32 protocol for data connections with analog modem at 9600bps, Pocket GPRS Micro also supports the V.110 digital protocol for ISDN connections.
Pocket GPRS Micro cam manage both PDU and Text SMS.
With the Class 10 GPRS you will have 4 channels (timeslots) to receive data and 2 timeslots to send information. You will be able to increase the downstream speed up to 85 Kbps and the upstream up to 42 Kbps.
You will be always connected but you will pay for the transferred data only.
On request, it is possible to carry out special version of Pocket GPRS Micro allowing the use of Class 10 GPRS (4+2) with the TCP/IP protocol.

Technical Specifications

- 900-1800MHz Dual-band modem
- Class 10 GPRS
- Standard ETSI GSM Phase 2+ compliant
- Radio GSM 900 MHz Class 4 (2W output power)
- Radio DCS 1800MHz Class 1 (1W output power)
- External Antenna with 3 meters cable (SMA connector)
- AT commands support (GSM 07.07 and 07.05)
- Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 supported
- MAC OS 10.4.9 or higher supported
- Linux supported
- Internal microprocessor management
- Data transmission up to 9600 bps
- Analog protocols management: V.32, V.22bis, V.22, V.21
- ISDN protocol management: V.110
- Non Transparent Mode (RLP)
- PDU and Text mode SMS (MT/MO)
- Plug-in (3 - 1.8V) SIM slot
- 9 pin RS232 data interface (V24/V28)
- Led indicators: power and GSM
- Power supply: from 5 to 32 Vcc
- Low consumption
- Size: 87 x 75 x 25 mm
- Weight: 130 gr
- Temperature range: -20°C/+55°C
- R&TTE Approval
- CE Mark

Supplied with

- 1 Pocket GPRS Micro
- 1 GSM Antenna with 3 meters cable (Code 8E4432)
- 1 Power cable 2 wires (red-black) 2 meters with Mini-Fit 2 pin (Code 6D1193)
- 1 Quick Guide

Accessories not included in the package:
- Power supply with 2 pin Mini-Fit (Code 8D6066)
- DIN rail mount support (Code 8D5720)
- CD64-1,8 serial cable V24/V28 9 pin female (Code 9D0527)
- CD65-5 antenna extension cable SMA/m-SMA/f 5 meters (Code 8E4159)
- GSM external High Gain Omnirirectional Antenna (Code 8D4289)
- GSM external High Gain Directive Antenna (Code 8D4286)