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8D5824 3G Lift application scheme



The new generation of 3G communicators for the LIFT market compatible with all the PSTN Telephone Alarm Systems

Digicom 3G LIFT 72H is the latest news in terms of 3G UMTS interfaces.
It comes from Digicom gained long-standing experience in the last years with tens of thousands of products installed in all the European markets, 3G LIFT 72H also integrates the precious indications collected by our customers.
The new Communicator is ready to satisfy all the needs of the LIFT market maintaining the usual reliability of Digicom solutions in this sector.
3G LIFT 72H has one FxS analog port to connect to any remote alarm system.
The analog port simulates a PSTN – Telecom Line using the GSM Network instead of the Wired Line with a considerable cost savings.
The audio management in digital mode (used in our gatewys since forever) reduces the distortions and the noise at the minimum, giving an high sound return.
In this way we can guarantee the maximum interoperability with the protocols of remote alarms based on Ademco, Contact ID, P100, CPC etc.
We worked also on the audio management toward the UMTS/GSM network in order to reduce at the minimum the distortion caused by the codec of the mobile network on the DTMF tones developing an exclusive system called SMART CODEC MANAGEMENT.
This function reduces the errors in the DTMF sequence limiting the DTMF retransmissions and the number of calls.
In 3G LIFT 72H it has been used a more performing new processor to take advantage of the new needs of the GPRS connectivity.
For the IP management we integrated the M2CC protocol to manage the periodical calls and the information via TCP/IP saving on the costs.
It will be sufficient to develop a server or Cloud application to easily manage thousands of lifts.
3G LIFT 72H can be remote upgraded through the 3G or 2G connection (1) In this way you can upgrade installed devices without visiting the site (1)
(1) It can be necessary to enable the SIMs to DATA traffic temporarily.
Even the integrated rechargeable battery using the Lithium Polymer Technology (Li-Pol) guarantees the best performances.

Technical Specifications

• Voice call
• Lift Dialers with alarm transmission and periodical test in DTMF mode (i.e. Ademco contact ID, Scantronix, CPC 100) or analog or mixed mode
• Device management and configuration via SMS or DTMF phone
• Phonebook with 4 authorized users for device configuration
• Phonebook with 4 authorized users to receive informative messages from 3G LIFT GATEWAY 72H
• Battery Low SMS message with:
- 60 minutes autonomy of backup battery
- Shutdown in progress message when backup battery is exhausted
• Remote reboot to force a new search for the GSM network
• Remote query to know the battery status and the quality of GSM signal
• 3G UMTS 900/2100 MHz
• 3GPP Release 7
- 5.76 Mbps uplink, 7.2 Mbps downlink
• GSM 900/1800 and 850/1900 MHz
• GPRS Class 12, CS1-CS4, up to 86.5 Kbps
• EDGE Class 12, MCS1-9, up to 326.8 Kbps
• CSD GSM max 9.6 Kbps
• SMS MT/MO PDU/Text mode
• Echo cancellation and noise reduction
• Output power:
- Class 4 (2W) in GSM at 850/900MHz
- Class 1 (1W) in DCS at 1800/1900MHz
• Plug-in SIM card (1,8V - 3V compatible)
• FXS Voice Interface
• 2 RJ11 Connectors (voice)
• Off-hook AC impedance: 600 ohm
• On-hook line voltage: 48VDC
• Off-hook line current: 25mA
• Dialing type: Tone (DTMF)
• Ringing voltage: 38 VAC rms
- REN: 3 power supply
• External adapter
- Input: 100-240 VAC / 50-60Hz / 0.5A
- Output: 12VDC / 1.0A
• Lithium Polymers 1.400mAh rechargeable battery
• Standby time: about 3,5 h (*)
• Talk time: about 1 h and 30 minutes (*)
(*) The battery life depends on several factors, i.e. the operating temperature of the device and the quality of 3G/GSM signal
• 3G/2G Omnidirectional Antenna (included)
• SMA Connector
• Impedance: 50 ohm
• Omnidirectional antenna with cable (included)
• Outdoor high gain omnidirectional antenna (optional)
• Dimensions: 115x80x45 mm
• Operating Temperature: from 0°C to +45°C
• CE Mark and Rohs compliant

Supplied with

- 8D5824 3G LIFT 72H
- 3G/2G Omnidirectional antenna
- 12Vdc-1A power supply
- Backup Battery
- Wall mounting kit
- User's manual