Connect your Fax machine to the GSM line!
2G GSM Gateway Fax simulates an analog line where the traditional fixed line is not available or where it is not convenient to take it.

Thanks to 2G GSM Gateway Fax an analog telephone line is always ready and you will be able to send fax without connecting to the fixed line, saving the costs of the analog line.
Also analog phones and phone number dialers can use 2G GSM Gateway Fax in order to perform “mobile-mobile” connections at a more convenient cost than the “fixed-mobile” calls, keeping the audio quality.
2G GSM Gateway Fax is the ideal solution in Small/Home Office applications as well as in residential and rural installations (Wireless Local Loop).
In small offices, 2G GSM Gateway Fax can be used both for voice calls and to send/receive fax using the traditional fax machines without installing additional software on the PC.
2G GSM Gateway Fax can be easily connected to the PABX and become the second line.
Using the SIM present into 2G GSM Gateway Fax, the call will be “mobile-mobile” with considerable phone cost savings.
Have you an analog phone with display? Through 2G GSM Gateway Fax the caller ID number (CLI) will be displayed.
With 2G GSM Gateway Fax you can use the services offered by the GSM Telecom Operator, that is, you will be able to receive calls out of the office with the call diversion service and to organize Call Conference calls.
In oder not to miss any active call, you can enable the call waiting on 2G GSM Gateway Fax so that a beep informs you of a new incoming call; you can put on hold the first call and answer the second one.
The model 2G GSM Gateway Fax Battery completes the range. This is equipped with an internal backup battery that guarantees the operation even when power is off.

Technical Specifications

- GSM network type Dual-Band 900/1800 MHz
- GSM Module: GSM/GPRS
- Output power: Class 4 (2W) in GSM at 900MHz e Class 1 (1W) in DCS at 1800MHz
- Plug-in SIM card (1,8V - 3V compatible)
Phone Interface
- FXS Voice Interface
- 2 RJ11 Connectors (voice and fax)
- Dialing type: Tone (DTMF)
- Voice call
- Analog Fax Group 3
Power supply
- External adapter
- Input: 100-240 VAC / 50-60Hz / 0,5A
- Output: 12VDC / 1.0A
Battery Backup (this is available on 2G GSM Gateway Fax Battery only - Code 8D5655)
- Standby time: about 3h (*)
- Talk time: about 1h30 (*)
(*) The battery life depends on several factors, i.e. the operating temperature of the device and the quality of GSM signal
GSM Antenna
- Dual-Band Omnidirectional Antenna included
- SMA Connector
- Impedance: 50 ohm
- High gain omnidirectional external antenna (optional)
- High gain directional external antenna (optional)
Data Interface
- Data interface: USB 1.1 (2.0 compatible)
- USB Connector
- Dimensions: 115 x 80 x 45mm
- Operating Temperature: from 0°C to +45°C
- CE Mark and Rohs compliant

Supplied with

8D5651 - 2G GSM Gateway Fax
8D5655 - 2G GSM Gateway Fax Battery